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Sokolata Agapitos 1944

Agapitos Smarties & Triple Chocolate Design, Sokolata Agapitos 1944 (100g)
Smarties Sokolata chocolate bar contains aromatic dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate, and creamy white chocolate and is full of Smarties reminding us of sweet childhood memories.
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soit €32,90 le 1 kg(s)
Chocolate, Color Art, Impressionism Design, Sokolata Agapitos 1944 (100g)
Chocolate JP color art consists of three fine chocolates (couverture, milk, and white) with cocoa from the best plantations in the world and is inspired by the works of the great Impressionists!
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soit €36,00 le 1 kg(s)
Message Chocolate Bar "Agapitos 1944" 140g
Chocolate I Love You Love Collection Chocolate
€7,20 Excluant l'expédition
soit €51,43 le 1 kg(s)
Πραλίνες Σοκολάτας "Love Collection" Σοκολάτα Αγαπητός 1944
Delicious Christmas chocolate with no added sugar made by hand one by one with the best Belgian chocolate and delicious fillings such as hazelnut praline
€16,00 Excluant l'expédition
White Chocolate & EVOO with Thyme, Olive, Tomato, Smoked Salt  Sokolata Agapitos 1944 (100g)
The unusual blend of white chocolate and olive oil is the "contrast of flavors"
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soit €49,00 le 1 kg(s)